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Online Application Process for
Charles D. Jacobus Family Foundation (CDJFF)

All requests (Healthy Children's Initiative and General Operating) must use the Online Application Process.
  1. To get started you need to create a profile for your organization.  When completing your profile, please fill it out as completely and accurately as possible.  Once your profile has been saved you can begin the application process. You will need to create a password.

  2. Pre-applications (now Letters of Inquiry (LOI)) will be available to complete in March and submitted to the foundation by May 30, 2014. (see Guidelines)

  3. LOIs and Applications for all programs will now only be accepted through the new on line process.

  4. All communications from the CDJFF to the grantee will be via email.  Please make sure you provide a correct email address for your communication.

  5. Problems using the new system?  Please call (414-577-0252) or email (  Missy MacLeod.

What you should know before you continue:

The following requests will not be considered:

Why did the Foundation decide to go to an online system:

A colleague of mine said, “I’m not sure the next generation is going to find all this paperwork very rewarding.”  Most of my board has stopped accepting paper board books.  Grantees have to fill out and send many pages of applications – a lot of it repetitive - and provide reports and filings in paper.  My office is all file cabinets and papers to be filed.  It was time to change and join the eco-friendly world.  Our software supplier, Foundant Technologies, has established an online system for small foundations.  It is a hosted solution, so no hardware or software is installed or maintained.  My board and colleagues can access the applications and information from anywhere.

For the grantee, this means a streamlined grant process.  The grantee first registers an organizational profile on the system.  Once registered, the grantee will have access to the Healthy Children’s Initiative (HCI) or General Operating and Capital Requests (GOCR).  Any documents requested by the foundation can be uploaded to the (1) Letter of Inquiry (LOI) when applying to the HCI; (2) the GOCR Application; or (3) the grantee can direct the foundation to their website.  This is also true with the full HCI application.  Grantee’s information from the profile and the LOI will not be asked again for the full application.  All information is saved and sent to the next application process eliminating a lot of duplication and all of the paperwork!  Grantees can work on the application at their own speed – it does not have to be completed in one seating.  Grantees can also change answers and scan in information.

If for some reason you have trouble navigating the new system please feel free to email me at or call me at 414-577-0252.

Missy MacLeod
Charles D Jacobus Family Foundation